B2B opportunities (for schools, sport teams)

Collaboration possibilities:
  • Training programs synchronization – we’re continuing to develop your clients into the same directions, speaking the same language as your trainers and mechanics. We base our approach on California Superbike School  (USA), Monlau Technical School (Barcelona), KSB Escuela (Valencia) programs
  • Team members education:  We have enormous experience in the best motorcycle schools, so we have information to share with your mechanics, telemetrists, team managers etc. There are master-classes and practical classes in our toolbox for every team member
  • Motorcycles keeping in our garage: you and your clients flying directly to the event, while all the matters regarding motorcycles moving and box organizing we’ll keep on ourselves
  • Motorcycle transport to Valencia and back: winter times your motorcycle could keep working and you could improve your qualification and skills.
  • Communication with Spanish services :  trackdays booking, licencing, internet, spare parts buying and tuning, personalization for your motorcycle plastic and outfit – all these questions we could help with withing Spain


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Partnership opportunities

  • Design of the team’s equipment (motorcycles, vans, trailers), using the partner’s brand colors and logos
  • Use of the partners’ logos, contact information in videos of the team, on the website, during exhibitions
  • Mentioning of the partner company in articles, web page, socials (Facebook, Instagram) etc.)
  • Setup of banners and flags of the partner company in the motorcycle workshop and the team’s garage
  • Putting of the partner company’s logos on riders’ outfit, caps, shirts of the technicians and other team members

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You could reach as by phone +7-925-682-47-33 or email info@bm-race.com

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